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When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature's deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.
For anyone who hasn't seen the SyFy original movie, Sharknado; it's a heart-warming, coming of age story about a ragtag group of sharks uprooted from their home by mother nature's fury. The sharks must band together and overcome adversity and strife while trying, desperately, to make their way back to the only home they've ever known. Battling chainsaw wielding humans and B-list actors trying, desperately, to throw themselves into the displaced sharks' mouths every chance they get. If you love sharks and tornadoes, well…now you don't have to choose! Do yourself a favor and see this one before the Oscars! Sharknado is, truly, the cinematic experience of a lifetime.
21 minutes into the movie and already a Jaws reference. My friend suggested The Avengers, or the Dark Knight. I said no, we're watching Sharknado. The best decision I've ever made in my life. The acting done by Tara Reid is amazing I feel like I was actually living her shark filled life story. The amazing CGI gave me nightmares, filled with sharks, tornadoes, and former adult film actresses. The movie was directed by Michael Bay's protégé, the lens flairs were amazing and blinded me with beauty. I truly feel that if someone ever breaks into my home, I will not grab my firearm, I will grab a trusty bar stool. The perfect weapon for any weapon need, from repelling flying sharks, to casual home usage. Never leave your trusty bar stool at home.

When Hurricane David moves up the Mexican coast toward southern California, it brings with it massive waves, torrential rains, and a huge influx of man-eating sharks. Santa Monica Pier restaurant owner, surfing legend Finley &quot;Fin&quot; Shepard (<a href="/name/nm0005575/">Ian Ziering</a>), fearing for the safety of his estranged wife April (<a href="/name/nm0005346/">Tara Reid</a>) and daughter Candice (<a href="/name/nm0434840/">Heather Jocelyn Blair</a>), tries to make it to their house in Beverly Hills. Accompanied by his Tasmanian friend Baz Hogan (<a href="/name/nm0799778/">Jason Simmons</a>), waitress Nova Clarke (<a href="/name/nm2628561/">Cassandra Scerbo</a>), and steady bar customer George (<a href="/name/nm0001334/">John Heard</a>) (and George&#39;s bar stool), the four of them brave floods that bring sharks up through the sewers and waterspouts (tornadoes over the ocean) that rain sharks from the sky. Sharknado is a made-for-television disaster film based on a screenplay by Thunder Levin. It was followed by <a href="/title/tt3062074/">Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)</a> (2014), <a href="/title/tt3899796/">Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015)</a> (2015), <a href="/title/tt4831420/">Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016)</a> (2016), and <a href="/title/tt6298780/">Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017)</a> (2017). Yes, there are several scenes that seem to pay homage to the mother of all shark movies, <a href="/title/tt0073195/">Jaws (1975)</a> (1975). For example, when the crowds are scrambling to get off the Santa Monica Pier, there is a scene where Baz shoves an oxygen tank down a shark&#39;s mouth and Fin blows it up with gunshot, similar to a scene in Jaws. In another scene, Nova compares scars with Fin&#39;s son Matt (<a href="/name/nm1778468/">Charles Hittinger</a>) in a manner reminiscent of Quint (<a href="/name/nm0001727/">Robert Shaw</a>) and Hooper (<a href="/name/nm0000377/">Richard Dreyfuss</a>) on the Orca one-upping each other with their scars. This is followed by Nova&#39;s explanation of how she got the scar and why she is afraid of sharks. She ends by saying &quot;Six people went into the water and one little girl came out. The sharks took the rest.&quot; just like Quint&#39;s description of the Indianapolis. Finally, toward the end of the movie, when Matt and Nova are flying over the waterspouts in a helicopter, Nova exclaims, &quot;We&#39;re gonna need a bigger chopper&quot; (Jaws: &quot;You&#39;re gonna need a bigger boat&quot;). Matt and Nova&#39;s attempt to drop bombs into the tornadoes, on the idea that the bombs will kill the sharks and also equalize the mixture of warm and cold air that created the waterspouts, proves successful on the first two of the three tornadoes. While Fin shoots the sharks as they fall from the sky, Matt and Nova go after the third and largest tornado, but the bomb doesn&#39;t land right and Nova falls out of the chopper. On the way down, she is gulped up by a large shark. On the ground, Fin drives the bomb-laden Humvee into the third tornado, jumping out just as the Humvee drives into it. The explosion neutralizes the tornado, but Fin is swallowed by a great white as the sharks begin to fall from the sky. Fortunately, Fin was carrying a chainsaw and, moments later, he is able to saw himself out of the shark&#39;s belly. He reaches back in and pulls out a blood-covered but still alive Nova. In the final scene, Matt asks Nova about her real name, and she replies, &quot;Jenny Lynn.&quot; April kisses Fin, and the four of them turn to look over the shark-covered tarmac. No. Waterspouts and hurricanes have, however, deposited many smaller animals, like frogs and fish, in populated areas. See here.
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